Here in Capetown South Africa we ask children and teenagers about their vision of a desirable future and what they expect from th adults.

We have visited organizations which care about the future of their children, like ZIP ZAP, a circus school working with street children and HIV children who are integrated into a big family and are educated to artists.


ZIP ZAP Zirkusschule / Capetown - South Africa


Situated in the heart of downtown Cape Town, South Africa this circus school provides free circus and performing arts training for youth from all walks of life.

Zip Zap is a diverse family committed to teaching the invaluable life skills of trust, honesty, responsibility, teamwork and discipline, while training and playing in the circus.
The achievement of Brent van Rensburg and Laurence Esteve's dream is apparent by the positive effect circus has played in so many children's lives, but the opportunities to touch more are boundless.

We seem to come into a big harmonious working family and this family even extends to a HIV Children’s project in the nearby township Kayelitcha, that is integrated in a weekly routine with workshops and all sorts of sharing and caring.


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Photos in South Africa / Südafrika: Elke von Linde





Frequently, social workers and police bring children to Mama Amelia's instead of sending them to a traditional institution for homeless children because of the superior care, support and love that the children find there. Frequently, children are afraid to go back to homes where there is disease (AIDS, tuberculosis), alcoholism and abuse, so they seek out refuge at Mama Amelia's. Many parents come to Mama Amelia and ask her for help because they do not have food or clothing for their children. Mama Amelia does not turn any child away.

Close to the Township Mfuleni, about 20 kilometres east of Cape town, a car waits to escort us safely to Mama Amelia’s House.

Mama Amelia hosts about 100 children during daytime and about 70 every single night in a very proper home that is kept secure by an enormous iron gate that has to be shut immediately when entered.

Mama Amelia tells us of children who are just laid down in front of her shelter, brought by the police or extremely poor parents and all of them find a warm home here, so that most of them stay and help with raising the next generation.
For Mama Amelia every and each child is important and no child gets rejected, even if the arch is overcrowded.

A project that gives hope and support to generations of under priveliged children  through one single woman’s lifeskill, who has become a role model for not only this particular place but is known throughout the world.


HERSCHEL SCHOOL / Capetown - South Africa


Herschel, founded in 1922, is an independent Anglican School in Cape Town that provides an incomparable learning continuum for girls from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12. We work tirelessly to create an environment in which every girl has the opportunity to thrive and in which she is encouraged to cultivate a passion for life.

We focus on the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being of the pupils in a positive vein and invite them to enjoy their education. There is a demonstrated commitment to beliefs and values education, and as such the girls are encouraged to develop ethical and moral values, self esteem, self-confidence and a sense of their own worth. In all their undertakings the girls are urged to take risks, to step into uncharted zones and to find the balance between their need for school support and their own ability to face challenges. 
At Herschel we instil creativity and flair, enthusiasm and the capacity for independent and critical thinking. The girls are encouraged to take the initiative through a dynamic programme of leadership and community service opportunities.



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