Glastonbury Gate - South England

In 2010 news spread into the wider world that the signs and specific patterns of crop circles would be indicators for the future of the planet.
The inspiration for this project was my wish to learn how a world of tomorrow would look like through the eyes of our children.

I wanted to find out what children think about the phenomenon of the crop circles, how they feel close to the circles and if they get inspired with a vision for the future. For this project I needed a pilot.

Adrian Warren, one of the most experienced and well known BBC Wild Life potographers was introduced by a friend Jan Heydlauf.
Adrian was the perfect partner for this project.
While working together I got to know Adrian's 5 year old son Luke.
Luke taught me all about children's dreams.
I started to see the world through his eyes. Luke at that time had the following dream:

"On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday I want to be a teacher
and on Saturday and Sunday I want to be a KING"
"Oh, so you want to be „part time king“ ?! his father Adrian said and the film’s titel was born.

Adrian became very ill and was not able to follow the project any longer.
He died in June 2011.
There exist wonderful arial shots of crop circles that will be published later on.
Many children and pets feel most comfortable being in crop circles and refuse to leave or insist on coming back.
However only some crop circles  create this positive energy.... there is still mystery around their origins.

Part Time Kings starts with an arial shot of Glastonbury Gate taken by Adrian.



The Tor is a hill at Glastonbury Sommerset, England, which features the roofless St. Michael's Tower.

The spot was called Ynys yr Afalon ("The Isle of Avalon") by the Britons, and it is believed to be the a Avalon of Arthurian legend.
 With the 19th-century the Tor became associated with Gwyn ap Nudd, King of the Fairies and came to be represented as an entrance to Annwn or, the land of the fairies.
 Glastonbury Gate has been recognized as a sacred place of capital importance for ages and at some point called " Avalon of the heart".

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Fotos in England: Adrian Warren

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